Відео приймач 1G3SE 1.2/1.3ГГц

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1 Button control and LED indicator light

1. Nine red indicator lights are frequency point indicator lights. Press the button briefly to switch to the next frequency point.

This operation can be repeated, and the corresponding frequency indicator light will light up every short press.

Note: This operating system has a memory function, and after a power outage, the system will save the current frequency point. 2、 Interface definition:

Power input DC 7-28V; 

7. DC output 5V

5P pads is: 1. Power input DC 7-28V; 2. Input grounding; 3. Video input; 4. DC output 5V; 5. DC output grounding;

DC Characteristics)


Current Consumption: (280 ±40)mA

Environmental Specification)

Operating Temperature) -10~+65 ºC

Storing Temperature) -30~+85 ºC

Operating humidity) 85%RH


Receiving frequency range 1050~1380MHz

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 2:1

Demodulation system FM/PLL

IF 480MHz

ANT. input impedance: 50Ω, Typ.

LO Frequency stabilization:±200kHz

LO Frequency Precision: ±200kHz

LO Control: PLL

Input LO Leak:-65dBm

Receiving Sensitivity: -95dBm

Input Level Range: -95 dBm ~+5 dBm

Video Characteristics

Video Output impedance: 75Ω, Typ.

Video Output Level: 1Vp-p, Typ.

Video Polarity:NEGATIVE

Video Frequency Respone: ±5 dB, Max. 50Hz ~ 6MHz

Differential Gain:±5 %, Max

Differential Phase: ±5 Deg., Max


S/N :38dB, Min

RSSI Output Voltage(-30dBm~-90dBm) :1.3~0.7V


Audio Output impedance: 2KΩ, Typ.

Audio Output Level: 1±0.2Vp-p, Typ.

Audio Output Frequency Range:100Hz ~ 20kHz

Audio carrier: 6.0MHz(AR), 6.5MHz(AL)

Audio carrier precision:±30kHz

S/N(50Hz ~ 15kHz: 50dB, Min

THD:50Hz ~ 15kHz, 3 Vp-p :1.5 %, Max

Profile dimension: 44mm(L)*27mm(W)*27mm(H)

net weight :20g

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